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2019/S4 Sign Ups - Information, Rules and Settings

**Broadcasted** | WEDNESDAY | Practice @ 6pm | Qualifying @ 9pm | Race @ 9:05pm (EDT)
Season start on September 18th and end on November 20th
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2019/S4 Sign Ups - Information, Rules and Settings

Post by Hootius » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:43 pm

Welcome to the PRL NASCAR Cup Series! The 2019/Season 4 Wednesday series will be held in the NASCAR C Class Fixed (Gander Trucks)!   
This series is broadcasted by the Global Sim Racing Channel!
If you are a returning driver, you'll notice that the signup process has changed a bit. It is very important to read the entire thread!

Series organizers: Charles Sumner, Bradley Holly, Brenden Chatley, Brandon Walter

When does the season start and end? Season 14 will start on September 18th and will end on November 20th.
How many races in the season? There will be 10 races in the season.
Is there any drop week? Each driver gets 1 drop week. There is no drop week for Team Championship, but driver's drop week are taken into account in the team standings. The Season Finale race will not be allowed to count as a drop week, only Races 1-9.
What day/time do races start? Races are on Sunday. The session start at 6:10pm with the qualifying at 9pm (EDT).
How many seats are available? There is a maximum of 39 seats available.
Is this championship broadcasted? Yes!!! All races will be shown live on the GSRC YouTube channel.
How can I register? To register, you must first read the entire thread. After, at the bottom, you will find a Google Form that you'll need to fill out.
Is there any fees to signup? To help cover the cost of broadcasting, the fee will be $10 to register for the season. All drivers will be required to pay the fee prior to the start of the season to claim a seat. If you miss any races or drop out mid season, you will not be refunded any of the sign up fees you paid. 
How can I make sure I'll have a seat? Here is the seat priority for this series:
  • Full time seats will only be assigned to drivers who have shown good participation in their past PRL seasons, and to new drivers (innocent until proven guilty).
  • The Premium Members will always have a full time seat as soon as they sign up 1 week before the season start.
  • The last season's drivers will be assigned to a full time seats prior to the new drivers as soon as they sign up 1 week before the season start. To be considered as a returning driver, you must have attended a minimum of 5 races.
  • If you sign up but have not shown good participation in the past, you may be placed to the waiting list. If you get a full time seat, you'll have to prove us you can attend each race.
How can I subscribe to a Premium membership? Click here for more information about the Premium Membership!
Do I need to have a specific license, iRating or Safety Rating? It is required to have a minimum of C 2.0 license for asphalt oval races (any other discipline will only require a D 2.0). There is no restriction for iRating.
Can I register as part of a team? Of course! But each driver of the team must create an account on the PRL forum and register for the series.
What happens if I'm removed from the full time driver list? You may be moved to the waiting list for one of the reason mentioned above. If there is a seat that becomes free, you will be contacted by email or on the iRacing website.
What is the structure of a race day? 
  • Race Day:  Wednesday
  • Practice: 6:10pm EDT (170 minutes)
  • Qualifying: 9pm EDT (5 minutes / 2 laps)
  • Race: 9:05pm EDT (laps / max. 60 minutes)
Is it open or fixed setup? 2019/S4 is Fixed setups.
What is the points system? The full scoring system is available in the Results, Standings and Scoring System thread.
All Official PRL Championship’s shall adhere to the site wide PRL Rules & iRacing Sporting Code. All rules mentioned below surpass PRL & iRacing Sporting Code rules.
It is mandatory to read the rules document. If you are not following rules, you may received a penalty or be excluded from the series.
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Re: 2019/S4 Sign Ups - Information, Rules and Settings

Post by ZeKe_h30 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:01 am

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