Round 14: Brasil - Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (19Apr17)

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Re: Round 14: Brasil - Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (19Apr17)

Post by Tron4949 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:22 pm

Video 1: Highlights
Video 2: Incident w/ side by side video from both drivers:


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Re: Round 14: Brasil - Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (19Apr17)

Post by Plasmaraider » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:26 pm

LAcadien wrote:
Tron4949 wrote:
LAcadien wrote:

I can't understand this La'cadien, you saw me pulling up along side and then I was gone from your mirror, meaning next to or ahead of you - what did you think was going to happen when you took the normal line on that turn without even looking?  I was on the inside as far as I could go to give you space and you completely ignored me...I can't understand why or how, please explain this to me and your point of view.
I thought u were backing down before the turn cause the rule say if you dont have your front wheel in front of the other racer front wheel, you dont have advantage and need to leave space for the one who's in front and i was checking the arrow.. it looks like you were going behind me... i didnt see your car at all side of me so i thought u were not there at all and yes i check my mirrors but not all the time.. espacially when im taking a turn, i look on track and not in mirrors.. again sorry about that.. if you want to bring this to the stewart, be my guest.
I just checked the rules b/c i believed that they were different to what you had stated and they are "‘Sufficient overlap’ or ‘overlap’ is defined as having any part your front wheels alongside the rear wheels of the car ahead. A following car has right to road at any time that it has overlap. Leading or defending cars must yield to this right to road." Tron had the right of way going into the turn, and also if you had checked your mirrors he had ended up moving past the outside fov of your mirror meaning he was making a move or was already along side you, you didnt see his car because he hugged the inside line and had to brake early otherwise he wouldve made contact with you if you were taking an outside line.
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Re: Round 14: Brasil - Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (19Apr17)

Post by piboye » Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:40 pm

My race at Brazil.  This starts with a computer issue and then I put in my best qualifying performance to date.  During the formation lap, I was trying to check some settings and had a lapse of concentration which sent me to the grid.  I wonder why you all saw my wheels spinning backwards.  I lost a couple places during the first laps, got stuck in a train, Tron on the side of the road at 8:07, passed Falco at 16:40, an absolutely perfect pit entry at 19:38, and then had a fight with Bobino at the end.
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