Stewards Reports, Protest & Appeal

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Stewards Reports, Protest & Appeal

Post by jeromef1 » Wed May 06, 2020 8:38 pm

  • All protests relating to a racing incident must be submitted within 72 hours of event completion. Protests that are submitted late will be dismissed.
  • We suggest drivers involved in an on-track situation to talk it over with one another first before turning in a Stewarding Protest. Take it upon yourselves to watch the replays, even in slow motion if needed.
  • Protests that are incorrectly submitted or late will be dismissed. Please contact the Chief Steward directly if you are having issues making a submission before the 48 hour time limit.
  • The driver being protested may be contacted by the Chief Steward if their PoV is deemed necessary, either by the website private message system or by email. The protested driver then has 72 hours to submit his/her own evidence. A ruling can be made by the Stewards without needing the Protested driver's PoV. 
  • The incident will be reviewed by the Stewards, and a decision will be announced in the respective championship’s "Stewards Reports" topic, along with the Incident ID.
  • All appeals must be submitted within 72 hours of the publication of the Stewards Report as follows:
    • Send an email to
    • The subject line must be in the following format: Appeal: [Investigation ID]
    • List your PRL username in the body text
    • Your e-mail must explain why you feel the initial decision by the Stewards was wrong.
  • Appeals shall be reasonable, logical, based on sound evidence, and related to the PRL Racing Rules.
  • Appeals that are frivolous, incorrectly submitted, or late will be dismissed.  Repeated appeals of this nature will result in disciplinary action.
  • Only one appeal per incident is permitted.
  • The Appeal will be reviewed by an extended PRL Stewarding team, and a decision will be announced in the respective championship’s Stewards Reports thread.
  • If a driver loses 2 Appeals in a 30 day period, they will have a 60 day ban placed on them before being able to Appeal another ruling by the Stewards.
  • The penalties that can be awarded for infractions of the rules include time penalties, points deductions, position penalties, race disqualifications, grid penalties, race suspensions, or you may be made to start the next race from the pits.
  • More severe penalties may be given in some circumstances.  The PRL Stewards reserve the right to award any penalty they feel is appropriated.
  • Some protests will result in a warning rather than a penalty, but a second warning within 3 months may result in a penalty.

More information
If you need more explication about a steward decision, please contact
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Re: Stewards Reports, Protest & Appeal

Post by TRG » Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:28 pm

Round 4 - Montreal
  • The stewards reviewed an incident between Joshua Chin and Mark McDonald into the chicane. The stewards have ruled that Chin squeezed McDonald as they approached the braking zone based on McDonald holding his line relative to the outside of the track. Joshua Chin has been assessed a 5-point minor penalty.
  • The stewards reviewed a collision between Joshua Chin and Mitch Greene. After review the stewards have deemed Greene at fault and have issued a 5-point minor penalty.
  • The stewards investigated a protest involving possible blocking entering the chicane involving 3-cars. Approaching the chicane, the 2 trailing cars both make a move to pass. As car 2 pulls out to initiate a pass, so does car 3. Seeing this move, car 2 moves back onto the racing line. The stewards will rule this as a racing incident and urge all drivers to use caution when involved in a 3-way battle.
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