IRacing account protection and PRL Policy

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IRacing account protection and PRL Policy

Post by Hootius » Tue Apr 21, 2020 10:56 am

Hello to all PRL members. There was a situation that arose Sunday night that we want to address immediately and to educate everyone on to make sure something like this does not happen again. We had a driver gain access to another driver's account, and they raced under that driver’s name without their knowledge, and without the knowledge of the race organizers Sunday night. While this driver didn't do anything malicious in intent, they still made a very big impact on not only the race, but also on the championship with what transpired on the final restart after a caution. The PRL cares about integrity and trying to give all of our drivers a honest league, so obviously having somebody who was not signed up for the league, participate and play such a key role in the final positions means that we have to scrap that race entirely and the results will not count towards the championship. Furthermore, this driver was actually a driver in another league of ours, so they are now permanently banned from the PRL. The driver whose account was used, came forth to management pretty quick with the information when he found out the next morning and was fully cooperative. This driver has a respected and solid reputation so far with his tenure with the PRL, so no action will be taken against him for his honesty and he is doing his due diligence to make sure that his account can not be compromised again moving forward. 

Let this be known to all PRL members, we look at drivers using another driver's account as fraud and it will not be tolerated. So with that, please keep this scenario in mind if you might find yourself in this kind of a situation in the future and please never be tempted to allow something like this to transpire under your account and with your knowledge because in the future, it's just as easy for your account to be banned if there's any feeling that you allowed it for Championship reasons or whatever you think the justification might be. Thank you all in best luck in your league races this week.
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