Round 1: Atlanta Motor Speedway - Oval (Mar 15)

**Broadcasted** | SUNDAY | Practice @ 6:10pm | Qualifying @ 9pm | Race @ 9:05pm (EST)
Season start on March 15th and end on May 24th
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Re: Round 1: Atlanta Motor Speedway - Oval (Mar 15)

Post by Adamschoen » Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:16 am

Hootius wrote: Good race all. I know we had a handful of situation that did not bring out the Yellow that would have made Hoot have neck veins pop, but to start the season off with 1 caution (which by all accounts looks like netcode), that's a great start to the season with a setup that not most of us liked. Onwards to Homestead!

Also Adam S., I'm sorry for our contact on L42. Looked like you were moving out of the way for me so I went low, then tried to go into to the grass to avoid contact when I saw you coming, and it was an unfortunate situation for the both of us. Sorry my man.
It's all good bud! Tbh I didnt even see you coming, so it's some of my fault as well. Sorry.  You didnt ruin my race and I hope I didnt ruin yours either
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Re: Round 1: Atlanta Motor Speedway - Oval (Mar 15)

Post by Hootius » Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:13 pm

I still managed a Top 10, so I'll take it all things considered. On the fun side, me sliding across pit road like that scared the sh*t out of Melikian... so that's always fun lol
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