Rules, Settings, Points & Classification

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Rules, Settings, Points & Classification

Post by Hootius » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:03 pm


Unless specified otherwise below, all official PRL championship’s shall adhere to the site wide PRL Rules.  You can find those here: Racing Rules.
  • Race Day:  Tuesday
  • Season Length:  12 Races
  • Practice: 8:00PM EDT (60 mins.) **Invites to wait-list drivers will happen at 8:30PM EDT**
  • Qualifying: 9:00PM EDT (15 mins.)
  • Race: 9:15PM EDT (45 mins.)
Click here to understand and to convert EDT to your current time zone.
  • Maximum Grid Size:  16
  • Max Number of Human Opponents:  15
  • Fill with AI Opponents:  No
  • Opponent Skill:  N/A
  • Opponents All Identical Car:  No (same class)
  • Car Class:  GT3
  • Rolling Start:  No
  • Practice 1:  No (There will be a practice lobby made at 8pm and will be the official lobby unless a remake is needed)
  • Practice 2:  No
  • Qualifying:  15 Minutes
  • Duration Type: Timed
  • Race Duration: Schedule 
  • Date Type:  Schedule 
  • Starting Time:  Schedule 
  • Time Progression:  Schedule 
  • Weather Slots:  Schedule 
  • Weather Progression:  Sync to race
  • Formation Lap: No (Standing start unless dictated by the track)
  • Mandatory Pit Stop: N/A {This option can not be turned on for timed events. Everyone is still required to pit once during the race and change tires. Failure to do so will result in at least a 1 Lap penalty, plus further punishments if deemed necessary}
  • Allow Auto Start Engine:  Yes
  • Force Interior View:  No
  • Force Driving Line Off: No
  • Force Default setup: No
  • Force Manual Gears:  No
  • Force Realistic Driving Aids:  Yes
  • Allow ABS:  N/A
  • Allow Stability Control:  N/A
  • Allow Traction Control:  N/A
  • Collisions: Yes
  • Damage:  Performance Impacting
  • Mechanical Failures:  No
  • Allow Ghosted Vehicles: No
  • Force Manual Pit Stops: N/A
  • Pit Stop Errors: No 
  • Tire Wear:  Accelerated
  • Fuel Depletion:  Yes
  • Force Cooldown Lap: Yes
  • Rules & Penalties:  On
  • Track Limit Penalties: On
  • Allowable Time Penalty: 5
  • Drive Through Penalties: On
  • Pit Exit Penalty: On
  • Licenses: On
  • There will be no Qualifying restarts unless the criteria for a mass-disconnect is met.  Drivers may rejoin the Qualifying session if disconnected. There will only be 1 race restart is multiple drivers are disconnected on the 1st attempt.
  • Drivers must complete 75% distance of the time completed by the leader to receive points.
  • There will be 1 drop week this season (lowest points race total will not count towards the Drivers or Team Championships. Missed race can be used as the drop week). The dropped race can only be from races 1-11. The Finale can not be the drop race.
  • Points for finishing position
    • 1st - 21 points
    • 2nd - 18 points
    • 3rd - 16 points
    • 4th - 14 points
    • 5th - 12 points
    • 6th - 11 points
    • 7th - 10 points
    • 8th - 9 points
    • 9th - 8 points
    • 10th - 7 points
    • 11th - 6 points
    • 12th - 5 points
    • 13th - 4 points
    • 14th - 3 points
    • 15th - 2 points
    • 16th - 1 point
  • Teams are formed by 2 drivers.
  • Discussion between drivers is encouraged to determine teammates.
  • Teams score the sum of points scored by each team member.
  • Teammates must drive the same car, and are very encouraged to race similar/team liveries.
  • Use of Project Cars'/PS4's Voice and Text chat is not allowed during Qualifying and Race sessions unless absolutely necessary
    • Examples of allowed speak:
      • Watch out in turn 5. Car stopped on exit.
      • Sorry.
      • P5, overtake, I got heavy damage.
      • Number 66, pitstop
    • Examples of non-allowed speak:
      • Come on, what are you doing?
      • Sorry, but I didn't see you and...........
      • /(%¤)=/"#&%=("#%(&! (Rage)
      • Wow that was a nice battle!
  • You must wait all drivers complete the race to start post-race chat
  • All instructions given by the Event Organiser must be followed
  • On track incidents should be avoided at all costs
  • PRL's Racing Rules are in effect for all official races through the season
  • On track incidents should be reported to the PRL Stewards
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