Premium Membership

What is a Premium Membership? What are you gaining by upgrading to a Premium Account?

The Premium Membership is a simple donation to PRL, but with benefits. Donations are used to pay our web hosting, upgrade, teamspeak, dedicated server, broadcast and a lot more! Any member who makes a donation of $25 USD or more will be awarded a lifetime Premium Membership. All donations made toward the Rewards Store are not taken into account. If you upgrade to a premium account, you will:

Always have a full time seat! Get a priority seat by signing up for a championship.
You must sign up before the start of the season. You are subject to the same condition than a regular driver during the season, so if you miss 2 or 3 races in a row without notification, you'll be moved on the reserve list.

Get an exclusive entry to a quaterly draw! You can win one of our fantastic products available online, or you can win gift cards, headsets, gaming gloves, button boxes and a lot more. Up to $150 USD prices!

**We will add some features as and as we develop the website. All suggestions are welcome**